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Habitat Manila: Love at first sight

I found a new love: interior styling.  I’m kicking myself for not taking up Interior Design as my college course! But I’d like to share my favorite spaces in Manila and abroad in this new blog of mine.

First stop is the relatively new furniture store that opened in Manila, Habitat.  Habitat is a European furniture and home accessories store.  They opened in Manila last October 2015.


I finally had the time to check out their store yesterday because I’m looking for a comfortable (yet chic) TV chair for my dad for Father’s Day.  Here are my options:

tv chair 1tv chair 2tv chair 3tv chair 4

But I ended up daydreaming inside their store for furniture for my future condo.  So here goes my daydreams…I fell in love with this couch and I can imagine it in my living room.

perfect couch

I am in a phase of all white things, I was obsessed with all their white kitchenware. I also love their bench for my dining table.

all white kitchenware

Then, I spotted their bookshelf that was just the perfect background for my living room.


And last but not the least, the perfect Saturday spot for reading and Netflix!


But back to my TV chair hunting because Father’s Day is next week!!

Photos: Habitat Manila Instagram and Facebook page


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