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Basic Interior Styling Class

Late last year, I found myself back in a classroom when I told myself six years ago after my MBA graduation that I’m so done with any kind of school! (Yes, it was that traumatic! Haha!)

I enrolled at SOFA’s Basic Interior Styling Class.  I actually had so much fun and this class inspired me much more to get into interior styling.

We had different exercises on layout, color, scale and even for a piece that we hate!

interior styling class 4

interior styling 5

We also had an exercise wherein we had a client (who was one of our classmates).  That was kind of terrifying! But thank god, my first ever client was kind to this rookie.

interior styling 6

My favorite activity was our “finals”.  We had to do a table set up based on a book.  I chose Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.  And guess what? It was such a popular book in our class that there were three of us with the same book!  Luckily, we chose different countries from the book.

I chose the Love part (aka Bali, Indonesia part) of the book.  So here’s my table set up inspired by Eat Pray Love.


Fresh bougainvilleas and plants are a must for my table centerpiece.

centerpiece 1centerpiece 2

Dinnerware from Lanelle Abueva’s Crescent Moon Cafe & Studio Pottery

I’m totally obsessed with bar carts! So I had to add this to my table set up.

bar cart 1bar cart 2

I was actually sad that my class was done!  I can’t wait to enroll in the Advanced Interior Styling class.



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