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Obsessed with Fixer Upper

I am so obsessed with HGTV shows and especially hooked on Fixer Upper. I’ve only started watching Fixer Upper for their third season and I love the transformation of every single house featured. I’m definitely going to have catch up weekends for their Season 1 and 2.


I’m such a big fan now of designer Joanna Gaines. She just has exquisite taste and there’s no disappointing transformation for me! Oh and I even love her fashion style. Plus their husband and wife tandem is just too cute, her husband Chip is the contractor. I even want to go to Waco, Texas just to visit their Magnolia shop and bakery and stay at their Magnolia House Bed & Breakfast!


I am such a frustrated interior designer because I don’t have an Interior Design degree. So I get designing and styling lessons from design shows like Fixer Upper and so far here are the things that I learned:

  • Shiplap is treasure – I never knew how finding shiplap in a house is like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. But I love how it looks versus a wallpaper!
  • Tear down those walls – Open space is the name of the game and it does wonders and magic in the kitchen/dining/living room area especially when you enter the house and this is the space that welcomes you. Definitely gives you that wow factor.
  • Add that kitchen backsplash – I never realized how much a kitchen backsplash can add so much character to your kitchen. From a tile with design or plain coloured ones fixed in pattern can do so much to your kitchen
  • Always, always, always have contingency budget for repairs – I’m not sure if I’ve seen any episode wherein there was no problem with either the pipes, roof, plumbing, electrical, etc! There’s just always something that needs to be repaired!
  • Shabby chic can look homey – I’ve been a fan of shabby chic since Rachel Ashwell had a show years ago. But Joanna just makes it look classy, homey and inviting every single time.
  • Remove the carpet… and maybe you’ll see another pot of gold aka beautiful wooden floors!
  • Don’t forget about that curb appeal – because first impression lasts!
  • You need a good and reliable contractor and an artistic and talented carpenter! Makes your designer life so much easier.

I cannot wait to see more home transformations for Fixer Upper’s Season 4!

Photos from Magnolia Instagram, Pinterest, Magnoliamarket.com & HGTV


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