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Home Design IG Accounts

I love following home design Instagram accounts.  If I want to see something beautiful, I go to these accounts and they’re instant pick me uppers and inspirations for not so great days!  There are so many design Instagram accounts out there but here are a few of my favorites:

  • Domino – one of my favorite design magazines!


  • Shabby Chic/Rachel Ashwell – Where my fondness for shabby chic started years and years ago.  Watching her show was a habit for my sister and I.
  • Magnolia/Joanna Gaines – just discovered about her and her show (with her husband) Fixer Upper this year and I’m now a convert.
  • Monika Hibbs – I don’t know how I discovered her, must be from following other design accounts but so glad I found her and love love her account!
  • Anthropologie – If others love to go to theme parks in the US, my “theme park” is the Anthropologie store! Love every space in their store and their lovely window displays!


  • Lauren Conrad/lclaurenconrad – I have to admit, I was following MTV’s Laguna Beach and The Hills as a teen. I’ve always loved her style.  This may not be really a home design account but love how she incorporates design in her fashion line shoots.
  • Nate Berkus – First saw his work at the Oprah show and love his style.  Now, I can just go to Target and buy his pieces!

I’m excited to discover more home and style design accounts on Instagram!

Photos: Instagram


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