TV Show Set Design

My Favorite Gilmore Girls Spots

When I heard about the Gilmore Girls Revival, I immediately did a marathon of Gilmore Girls’ seven season on Netflix.  I fell in love again with Logan’s college apartment and his New York place, Rory’s pool house and of course the Dragonfly Inn.

Logan Huntzberger’s Apartments: Even if these are Bachelor pads (and I’m on Team Jess), I still love the style! Plus, I’m such a big fan of brick walls.

Rory Gilmore’s Pool House: Such an adorable, fresh and cheerful first home (well okay, her grandparents house was right beside it)

Dragonfly Inn: I would love to stay at a homey inn like this.

Can’t wait for November 25 and see how their homes and inn have changed (or stayed the same!).

Photos Sources: Crushable, Hello Giggles, Pinterest, Hooked on Houses, Art Directors Guild, Flight and Hotel, Forever Young Adult



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