Restaurant and Cafe Interior Styling

Mahalo Aina

I just came from the Bay Area in California where I spent the Christmas holiday with my family.  One of the restaurants on my list to try this time around was Aina, a Hawaiian brunch place in Dogpatch, San Francisco that opened in 2016 .  Well, I mainly wanted to go there because that’s my name!

But surprisingly, I loved their food and the restaurant’s interiors too!  Even if it was a cold January morning, our brunch felt so warm and homey with their interiors.  Also, the restaurant’s acoustics was not noisy and irritating (noisy restaurant acoustics is a pet peeve of mine!!)

Entrance: I adored the wooden signage of Aina (I want one for myself!)

Inside the restaurant: I love their lighting fixtures, all the natural light coming in, the combination of wood, black metal and glass plus the fresh flowers on every table. Their table facing the window is so perfect on a Saturday brunch while watching the world go by.

Bar: I am so obsessed with their bar with a long wooden table!

Restroom: Even their restroom continues their wood and metal details.

Other details: Isn’t this the cutest postcard and a lovely print on the menu.

Honestly, I felt the restaurant was sooo me!  If I could imagine opening my own restaurant, it would look exactly like Aina (plus I love brunch!).  I can’t wait to be back in San Francisco and go back to “my” restaurant.

Happy New Year everyone! May this year take me to more beautiful and unique interior discoveries to share with all of you!

Photos: Ainabrunch Instagram, own photos


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