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Lovin’ Balay Dako’s Style

Antonio’s Balay Dako restaurant in Tagaytay is definitely on the top of my favorite restaurant interiors in the country.  I always have this feeling of being at home (or visiting my lola‘s home) and having that light feeling every time I visit.  But I always forget to take photos of the interiors and so finally during my recent visit, I took photos of the things that I love about their interior style.  But of course, nothing beats the view of the Taal Volcano from their dining room.


Open shelves

They have open shelves by their kitchen where all the products that they use are displayed.  I love seeing products that they use and it adds to the homey feeling as if you are just at home looking at your pantry (or an upscale sari-sari store!).  I was also thrilled to see one of my clients products displayed!


The bar at the deck

What my eyes zoom to when I get to the bar are the floor to ceiling windows with that million dollar view of the Taal Volcano and open glass doors on both sides of the room.  Then, I notice the long wooden table, and the chandeliers, it’s just a breathtaking room.  But the magic doesn’t end there, on both sides of the room there are outdoor seating.

Indoor plants

I am such a big fan of indoor plants especially if they are in beautiful planters.  There were plants in every corner and ledge and I loved being surrounded by greenery.

Good riddance to insects

It’s such a shame if you have such a magnificent view of Taal and having good food but there are insects and flies everywhere! I really appreciated that there were screens by the window but you still have that full view of the volcano and you can feel still feel the cool Tagaytay breeze.  You’ll never want to leave this place and your chikahan will be never ending with this ambiance!


Ceiling details

Ceiling trims always adds depth to a room and I just loved the detailed corner ceiling trims of the dining room.  It just complements the furniture and color theme of the room.



Their combination of wood and leather just makes the place polished.  I especially adored their orange cushioned wooden benches and their wooden tray cart (I am obsessed with tray carts).

Of course aside from the food and the service, how the restaurant made me feel determines if I will go back or not as I am very (very, very, very) particular about how a space makes me feel.

I’m already planning my next trip to Balay Dako.

Photos: Aina Cruz



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