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5 Styles from SM Home

It was a breath of fresh air to see home styling vignettes at the fifth floor of SM Makati during my recent visit at their home section.

Here are their five styling vignettes and what I love about each of them:

  1. A pop of yellow in the kitchen
kitchen sm home
Designed by Dagny Madamba in collaboration with Chef Miko Aspiras

Photo credit: SM Home Facebook

How can you not stop and look at this vignette with the happy yellow color of the accent wall plus add that yellow KitchenAid mixer.  But what I really was obsessing over was the wooden kitchen island with wheels.  I have been dreaming for months now of having one for my tiny place (yes, I’m going tiny living!).  I also love the lighting fixture for the dining nook.

Here’s a closer look at the kitchen island because I just love it!  Plus check out the extendable countertop.

kitchen island

2. The home office with the planter of the season!

office SM home
Designed by Iriss Mangio | Photo credit: SM Home Facebook

Across the kitchen vignette is the home office space that pulled me to that side because I have been looking for the white planter on a wooden stand in Manila for months now.  I call this planter the “planter of the season” because I see it all over the design accounts that I follow on social media and the design shows that I watch.  I have been wonder where on earth can I buy them locally and thank god I got the answer!  (Not in SM Home though.)  I was lucky that the designer of the space was around when I was looking at the vignette.

I also loved the two colors of the accents walls, the lighting fixture used and the use of my favourite color combination of white and light wood shade.

Here’s a another look of the planter that I’ve been dying to have.

white and wood planter
Photo credit: SM Home Facebook

3. Dining room with my favourite abaca rug

dining room sm home
Designed by Nina Santamaria | Photo credit: SM Home Facebook

I think I’ve bought all the colors and design of SM Home’s abaca rugs and the sales person in their rug area knows me already because I keep coming back to check on their new abaca rugs!  I have them for our dining room, living room, home office, guest room, and bedroom.  Yes, I am addicted to them.  They feel light, cool and easy to clean.

I also love the use of plants in this dining room vignette.  I also found water bottles with cover in the dining room vignette but it’s not in the photo above.  Here is what the water bottles look like and I was thrilled when I saw one of my favourite restaurant in Makati, Pig Pen uses this water bottle too!  And for the price, it’s a steal.

water bottle with cover

4.  A bedroom that feels calm

bedroom sm home
Designed by Angelo Siochi | Photo credit: SM Home Facebook

This room made me feel calm and relaxed with the help of the pale blue wall.  I love the 5-drawer chest which is a good idea for a small space where storage is limited.  Again, the use of plants makes the room homey.  It’s a simple room that works for a bedroom where you just want to be relaxed and see as minimal clutter as possible.

5. The gray and yellow living room that works perfectly

living room sm home
Designed by Pai Edles and Misty Flores of Morfosis Creatives, Inc. | Photo credit: SM Home Facebook

What I was surprised about this living room is the color combination of yellow and gray that I actually liked.  I’m not the biggest fan of using gray but it looks good in this space.  I can actually see myself lounging the whole day when I’m in my pajamas all Sunday long mood.

The accents of black, white and a hint of pale mint green added character to this living room.  The rug, lighting fixture and throw pillows especially with the chevron design just puts this space all together.

I hope SM Home continues to have vignettes regularly.  Oh I hope they have one for Christmas! Yes, I’m already thinking of Christmas in July.


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